can you put frozen fruits in a juicer

Juicing is a great way to get your daily intake of fruit and vegetables. But, what if you want to juice frozen fruit? 

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Can you put frozen fruits in a juicer?

Yes, you can juice with frozen fruits in your juicer. When you are using frozen fruit it is important that there is no moisture present in the container when you pour it into your machine.

If this water mixes with the juice it will cause some discoloration of the juice and change its taste. 

Discoloration can be prevented by pouring the juice into a separate container and then back into the machine.

This way there is no mixing of ingredients and nothing enters your drinks except for what you want.

Can you juice frozen vegetables?

Frozen vegetables pics.

So, can you juice frozen vegetables? Well to answer this question we need to understand the process of juicing.

Juicing is a way of separating fiber from fruits and vegetables so that their nutrients are more available for your body to absorb.

The spinning blade under high speed separates the pulp from the juice through pressure, which creates heat that destroys the enzymes and nutrients.

Therefore, the same process will destroy the nutrients in frozen vegetables when you juice them.

They will turn out to be bland, watery, and taste like nothing – rendering juicing completely useless since all your money spent on buying them would be wasted.

However, you can use already prepared vegetables for making juices by thawing or not freezing them at all.

So, to answer the original question – No!

You cannot juice frozen vegetables because they lose their nutrients in the process of juicing. Instead you can use already prepared vegetables for making juices by thawing or not freezing them at all.


What if I add water with frozen fruits in my juicer?

If you are adding ice to your drink, make sure it is clean ice.  Since you are using the freezer, if the ice melts it is possible that bacteria or other microorganisms may have grown on it when it melted.

To prevent this from affecting the taste of your drink, pour some of your juice into a separate container before pouring it back into your machine through the pulp container again. 

This will ensure that none of the extra water you added will pass into your juice.

How do I make juice from frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit?

You can make your favorite juice from fresh fruits or frozen fruits. 

If using fresh fruit:

Place the fruit in the machine and press “on” to start.

If using frozen fruit:

Place the fruit in the machine and select the ice crush function on your machine. Once finished turn off your juicer and let all of the juice drips out before serving over crushed ice.

Can you juice frozen spinach?

First of all, it doesn’t make sense to juice frozen spinach. This is because, during the processing of freezing vegetables, most nutrients are lost.

Therefore, your best option would be to make solid smoothies or heal vegetable soups with fresh ingredients.

However, if you still want to juice frozen spinach, you should know that these types of smoothies are less nutritious than juices made with fresh ingredients.

That’s because there is no fiber in pureed foods, which can also cause some digestive problems due to a lack of dietary fiber intake. Also, the case is that some nutrients are broken down.


Yes, you can easily put frozen fruits in a juicer! Make sure there’s no water added to avoid contaminating your juice with microorganisms and always pour some extra juice into another container first before re-pouring it into your clean glass.

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