How to release a stuck auger from a juicer?

If you are having an issue with your juicer, then it is time to learn how to release a stuck auger from a juicer. A stuck auger in your juicer can prevent the juice from getting out of the machine and onto your favorite drink. Once you remove the jammed up pulp, there should be no problem releasing the locked up auger so that you can get back to enjoying fresh juice. Before we begin, let’s go over some safety tips for this job!

A stuck auger can be caused by two main things:

stuck auger in juicer

1) Mechanical failure in the auger assembly itself. This is called a worn drive.  This can happen when you overload it with hard items, or if you run it at too low of RPM, which will cause the augers to slow down and then not be able to push everything through. 

2) A buildup of pulp in the auger. This is typically caused by running it without any liquid, or with too much pulp in your juice. This can also happen if you run things like celery (which is stringy and leaves fibers behind), or carrots (which are very fibrous).

If you're trying to figure out whether it's a stuck auger or not, here's what you can do:

1) Let it run and listen for the sound of the motor running. If you don’t hear anything, then that means that there is probably something wrong with your electrical system (this is unlikely unless you’re using a very low-quality juicer, which might not have enough amps to run properly).


2) Unplug the unit from your wall. Take off the lid and carefully remove the pulp container from the back of it. Then look along the inside of where you took out the pulp container and see if there is a big clog in the auger. If there is, then this is your stuck auger situation. 


3) You can reach into the pulp container with a wire hanger or something similar and carefully try to open up the clog. If it’s not really tight, you may be able to use your hands for this part too. But be very careful not to get cut by anything, and don’t use a knife or any sharp object because you could damage your auger.


4) If you’ve tried getting at the clog with a wire hanger and it’s still stuck, then this is probably a worn drive. In either case, it’s time for a new juicer.

Why Stuck auger in a juicer?

Cause of a stuck auger could be that it’s not being run at proper speeds. If you have soft fruits and veggies, then the auger might not have enough power to push them through. When this happens, just use some hard vegetables like carrots or celery to try to push things down.

How to reassemble your juicer?

How to release a stuck auger from a juicer?

There are a couple of things you can do. Reassemble the juicer.

open up its pulp and juice cap to release all that goodness into your cup or container (you might need more than one!),

then put it in reverse for 20 seconds while upside down on some kitchen paper towels;

when reversing forces press against each other so they push outwards rather than pull away at an angle like most masticating machines – this will help promote better insulation with less heat loss during operation!.

Secondly after assembling reinsert both blades together until tight but DON’T tighten too much yet!

Thirdly if neither of these suggestions works soaks machine overnight before washing just be.

If you are struggling to unclog your juicer, you can contact the manufacturer for assistance or try to fix it yourself. If none of these options work, then consider purchasing a new Juicer.


If you don’t  want to reassemble this with yourself then we recommend you to contact with seller or repair masters. In this post we guide you from our experiences when you try this be careful.  The author gives some background information about their juicer and explains how to troubleshoot if an auger gets stuck


Most frequent questions and answers

If your juicer is emitting a burning smell, then there might be something caught in the blade of the auger. A stuck auger can prevent the juice from flowing out of the juicer and onto your drink. Once you remove any pulp that is causing this issue, it should be smooth sailing from here.

If your juicer gets jammed up with pulp, then it might be time to take a look at the auger. In order to release a stuck auger from a juicer, you will need to remove the lower part of the machine and get rid of any clogs that may be preventing the auger from turning. The auger can be found on the inside of your juicer, and it is the part that turns to take all of the pulp out of the juicer.

If you are having problems with your jammed-up auger, then cleaning it out first might be helpful. If there is anything causing your juice machine to get clogged, then you should try getting rid of this first so that it does not prevent you from removing the stuck auger later on down the road. It is also advisable to clean any other parts that might be preventing juice from flowing through properly afterward to ensure that this problem does not come back later on down the road!

If the auger inside of your juice machine does not turn, then there might be something clogging it up. A stuck auger on a juicer can cause the blade to grind against the sides of it and emit a burning smell so that you can prevent this from happening, try taking out any large chunks that are preventing the auger from turning freely. If there are still some smaller bits getting in the way, then you should take some tweezers or tongs to remove these things before trying again. It is also advised to clean out all other parts of this machine as well to avoid having another jam!

If your juice machine is not turning, then there might be something wrong with the auger. A broken auger on a juicer can prevent the machine from being able to turn freely so that you are able to get your juice out of it. Usually, if there is anything causing this problem, then it will be easier for you to remove this before trying to release a stuck auger on your juice machine!

If your current juicer emits a burnt smell, then something might be clogging the blade inside of it. This can cause an excess amount of heat and friction which may lead to some smoke coming off of this part. The best way that you can combat this problem is by trying to fix the auger on your juice machine. As a safer alternative, you can also prevent this from happening by using the cold press setting for your juicer. If you take out any pulp that is causing this issue, then this might get rid of your burnt smell!

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